Publication News, Old and New

I haven’t posted much new in terms of writing and publications news, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening.

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Cthulhusattva Has Arrived

While I was traveling, some dark and terrible figure left something in our mailbox. A package containing these:


Doubtless the intent was for me to stumble upon it after our return, and drive me mad, but really, I’m just pleased and excited by what I see flipping through it. I’m especially excited to find a poem by internet pal Bryan Thao Worra and a Robert Johnson-as-Mythos acolyte story within its pages, because I really dig Robert Johnson riff-stories. Plus, of course, my own tale, “ἱερὸς γάμος [Hieros Gamos]” mutters and shrieks from somewhere among its pages.

More on the book once I’ve had time to settle in and read it, but for now: what a gorgeous, perfectly distressing cover by Alix Branwyn. Check out Cthulhu’s guts: more tentacles coiling out from within. He’s tentacles all the way down… which really suits a book of stories about how people end up being cultists of the weirdest and most inhuman gods imaginable.

If you dig modern Lovecraftian fiction, then you should get a copy for yourself, either from Martian Migraine (the publisher) or from Amazon, whichever you prefer. (There’s links in the sidebar of this page, at the moment, too!)

The Incursus at Big Echo

For those who read my blog but don’t follow along on Facebook or Twitter, my short story “The Incursus, by Asimov-NN#71” was published in the inaugural issue (Summer 2016) of Big Echo a few days ago.

Big Echo is new. It bills itself as a site devoted to critical SF, and this story fits there; it’s about AIs, human consciousness, human arrogance, and pronouns. I’ve also written some brief background notes on the story.