Stars Fell On Alabama Out Now…

ASFOCTNOV2014webWell, it seems like people are starting to receive copies of the October/November double issue of Asimov’s SF, which contains my newest story, “Stars Fell on Alabama.” (Living on the other side of the ocean, I never know when to post notices like this.)

Those who remember my first story in Asimov’s back in 2008 won’t be surprised that this novelette is another jazz-SF story, albeit a very different one from that earlier debut. It’s one of those pieces that’s a lot of things at the same time.

I’ve got a complete set of notes about the story in my story notes section, for those who’ve read it and are hungry to know more, because, believe it or not, there’s a ton of historical material in here… plus some thoughts about what I was attempting to do in the story, and why. But if you haven’t read the story yet, I recommend you wait to read the notes. I can sum up the story this way:

A lot can happen during a 1929 train ride from Kansas City to Chicago… especially when there’s a sentient alien artifact on board.

If you’d like a ticket for that train ride, the magazine should be on newsstands now. (Or you can get a copy of the digital edition online: Asimov’s has more information about where on their site.)