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  1. Charles C Montgomery
    Charles C Montgomery March 22, 2014 at 11:34 am . Reply


    LIST is in fact an LTI Korea publication whose intent is to interest English speaking publishers in translating and publishing and/or publishing translations that LTI or other groups have done. My understanding is since mainstream Korean publishing houses do not publish SF (it’s much more of a Naver thing), LIST necessarily (if that is the proper word?) ignores most of it on an outgoing basis. Ingoing translation is not their interest at all.

    It makes me wonder, and perhaps you know the answer, who is the motive force behind incoming translation. Someone decides that Orwell and Bradbury are worth translating by important firms while, say, Harlan Ellison is published by comic-book publishers.

    Also, I think that an increasing number of literary critics (and I am sure you know of their depressing authority here), mainly professors, are starting to cast a kind of side-eye at what is being translated into Korean, arguing that both poor choices of work and crappy translations result in Korean authors being unable to participate in that international give-and-take which you mention – if you can’t read literature of the highest order, in any genre, it is unlikely you will create it.

    It is too depressing to talk about gatekeeping or the other critics who insist on Korean “representationality” in ALL fiction written in Korean.^^

    Anyway, nice article, and I’m off to LTI to pick up a copy of this list. At some point I’d like to interview you on this stuff, since you seem to be the non-Korean most knowledgable about it, and SF really seems (in novel, grapic novel, or even comic) to be an area Korea could break through in.

    Heck, about 50% of life in Seoul seems like Science Fiction.^^

    Nice post.

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