The Shin Kyung-Sook Plagiarism Scandal

Given how rampant plagiarism is in many fields in South Korea—and it really, really is, despite some limited attempts to address it—I figured it was only a matter of time until some famous contemporary author here got accused of it… at least, on a stage public and prominent enough for it to make it into the English language news. Well, […]


So, a few days ago, I got my driver’s license in Daejeon. Just barely, but I got passed the exam, and was licensed to drive in South Korea. I could, in fact, have immediately gotten an International Driving Permit as well, if I’d known. This, of course, is terrifying. I hadn’t, until recently, driven a car […]

Surviving in Trollworld

So, Facebook’s buzzing over some idiotic opinion piece (don’t click on that link: trust me, you don’t need to read it) by one Choi Shi-yong that mostly amounts to “Korea=civilized; foreigner=uncivilized” as the theme that runs through the stream-of-consciousness drivel. There’s some particularly patronizing garbage about how sometimes they do after all… when they’re taught respect by Korean society: […]