An Evolutionary Myth by Bo-Young Kim

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I’m very happy to announce that a translation of Boyoung Kim’s “An Evolutionary Myth,” — co-translated by yours truly and Jihyun Park — has just been published in the current issue of Clarkesworld, issue #104 (May 2015), alongside a diverse selection of authors including Chinese author A Que, and the Finnish author Hannu Rajaniemi, as well […]

Recent Books

I’ve been reading a fair bit this year, as far as my standards go. More than usual, anyway. This is everything so far, though, of course, a few of those I gave up on and didn’t finish: I’ve been feeling a little disappointed lately in how so much of the SFF world online is so busy talking […]

The Newest Mind Meld, and Peter Watts’ Blindsight

Just poking my head up above the surface to note that I participated in the most recent Mind Meld, addressing this question: Humans with funny foreheads are easy; truly alien aliens are hard. With that in mind, here’s what we asked our panel of experts: Q: What successfully makes an alien character, well, really alien? […]

Korean SF Festival 2014

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Those tracking Korean SF might be pleased to note that the Gwacheon International SF Film Festival I blogged about a while back–and which has continued over the years since–has expanded into a kind of Korean SF Festival, full stop. There’s a big film component, but there seems to be much more than screenings and an exhibit nowadays, which is great! It runs […]

Two Comets: H.G. Wells and W.E.B. Du Bois

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been writing a couple of short stories, just to give myself a breather on the novel I’m working on. One of those stories, the one I discussed in connection with the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival, is kind of response to two interesting “comet” SF stories I read back […]