All of these are real questions asked by students.

What’s a faq?

FAQ means:

Frequently means "often". So a FAQ is a list of common questions
and answers.

Sometimes foreigners hear the same question many times in Korea. Are
you American? Do you like kimchi? This FAQ answers these kinds of questions.

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All of these are questions I have really been asked at
some point.

What’s a faq?

FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions".
It is a way for me to answer questions people ask
me a lot. Foreigners in Korea get asked a lot of the
same questions everyday.

This is okay, but sometimes I wish
I could simply give someone a link to a faq that would answer
all of their questions without having to explain for the thousandth
time that yes, I like kimchi, or that no, I am Canadian, not
American. So, I created this faq.

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My Bio

I was born on March 4, 1974 in Blantyre, Malawi to Ghislaine Pineault, a French-Canadian, and Gordon Kinlay Sellar. To avoid confusion, my parents gave me the middle name Alexander, but kept the rest the same as my father at his father’s insistence. That makes me the 3rd Gordon in a row. But I much prefer to be called Gord. It’s also a lot easier for Koreans to pronounce (as “Go-duh”), which is helpful to me these days.

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