Il paese della giovinezza (The Country of the Young)

Late last week, I got news that “Il paese della giovinezza” (The Country of the Young) was about to be published. It’s an ebook collection of some of my SF stories in Italian translation, which is very exciting! The collection, which was edited by Francesco Verso and published by Future Fiction, includes the following stories: “The Country of the Young” (Interzone 219, […]

My First Car Accident (Er, Okay, Second)

Edit: By the light of day, I realize that what I’ve written up below was my second car accident; the first happened on the first night I went out driving with my dad, the day I received my learner’s license in Middle School. The similarities to this case are a bit surprising: it was also […]


Over the years, a few people have asked me about using RPGs in the TEFL classroom. I’ve done a lot, and have a lot to say about it, but I’ll boil this down to some observations and resources.