So, a few days ago, I got my driver’s license in Daejeon. Just barely, but I got passed the exam, and was licensed to drive in South Korea. I could, in fact, have immediately gotten an International Driving Permit as well, if I’d known.

This, of course, is terrifying. I hadn’t, until recently, driven a car in twenty years. But it’s a nice change: certainly, the expansion of our mobility is a huge help. Not that it wasn’t an entirely bizarre, baffling experience, getting the license—about which I’ll write more soon, I’m sure. But there’s perks to having it, like how, last night, we were feeling like eating outside. Without a  car, we’d have been limited to the restaurants either in our neighborhood, or within sensible taxi distance.  The problem with that is that there are very few decent ones.

So we hopped in the car. Jihyun’s still getting used to telling me which way to go (though since her phone has 3G, that’ll be her job during our ventures outside the city until we update and set up the navigation unit that came with the car), but she still managed to explain enough for us to reach our destination… a wonderful little restaurant out in the countryside outside town, called 구름나그네.  Continue reading