Hawks And Birdbrains

So I picked up a copy of the International Herald Tribune, which is The New York Times‘s International Newspaper, edited in Paris. Page one is splayed with scenes of the disorder of Baghdad. American soldiers haplessly watching as people ransack every building they can get into. And why the hell not? The city is empty of anyone who has stuff to defend… and all the people left behind, all those who are busy surviving this “operation”, have very little or nothing to lose. So they plunder: they plunder the houses of Saddm’s sons, which I have no problem with. They plunder the houses of the wealthy, and that’s not such a problem to me. (The wealthy, lacking in the humanitarian compassion needed to empty the city, fled in classic “me-first” style, so my sympathy with the plight of these propertied people is minimal.) They plunder government offices, which is neither here nor there.

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New President in Korea Knows His Fish…

I just had lunch with a co-worker, Thai, and we watched the (?) inauguration of the new South Korean President, Noh Mu Hyun. He looks pretty young, and fairly happy about his new job. I myself would be terrified, but then maybe his confidence is warranted. I hope so, considering the way things are going with Pyongyang. It seems his last gig was as the minister of fisheries, which is kind of interesting, innit? (That page might be updated soon, I don’t know. But it does contain bunches of lists of who’s in major government positions in every country in the world, which is kind of cool…)

(I’m humming the children’s fishing song in Korean in my head now. Hm. Maybe it’d be better if I put on some of the music my Mum sent me. You can tell where my musical sensibilities came from; in the office, I declared that she’d sent me some great dance music. People didn’t believe me till I clarified it was Renaissance dances. Which is generally better than Chemical Brothers any day of the week.)

Right now I am busy trying to get this thing up to snuff, and get my ear all healed up. Life seems so busy these days, but it’s also good.

Colin Powell on North Korea

Woah. Colin Powell on North Korea. Hm.