Shivaji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire

26 March 2003/ Dabang – Shivaji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire
This track is a bit of an oddity, perhaps the heaviest track on the band’s CD which is titled Pig Over Seoul. It features a poem I’d recently gotten published in Matrix Magazine in Montreal, and which Myoung asked me to read at the studio to fill out the track. I had a horrible cold at the time, which made my voice sound downright evil. I’m happy with the effect. We’re currently trying to figure out how to get someone to perform this poem during some of our live shows.
Listen to the song.
Read the original poem.

Just Got Home

I just got back from a weekend in Seoul. We played at a club called Bbang (Bread) and our lead singer Myoung Jae’s mother came up from Sydney, Australia to see us! The highlight of the evening was seeing her and two of her sisters (I think they were her sisters or relatives?) singing along and waving their arms in the air to our one traditional tune, the Bet Norae (Boat Song). It was fun to see a crowd having fun with us. My friends Dong Han and Sun Hwa came out to see us, which was really nice.

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