Independent vs. Mainstream Film

Independent vs. Mainstream Film and My Picks for Indie Films
Here’s something I almost posted about a couple of days ago, except of course that the Hand of Fate wiped it out somewhere in the data transfer. So I lost the preamble to it, which was about how I’d been teaching my students on Wednesday last about complaining. It was fun, because it wasn’t anything to do with grammar, it was all about tone of voice and delivery and a wee bit of acting. Deadpan complaint just doesn’t work, it sounds like statement of fact, so we worked on that for a while.

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Some Thoughts On Korean Indie Rock

Some Thoughts On Korean Indie Music

To start with, this is NOT going to be a sweeping declaration, a wide survey, or anything. It’s just time I got some more content up, and this is something I’ve been finding a lot of resources on, while working on the dabang web page update. This is some musing about indie music in South Korea, just the music itself (since I know little or nothing about the labels, distribution, and, well, the tour circuit is currently close to nonexistent).

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On Hand-Phones, as we call them in Korea…

Cell Phone
Don’t have it yet, but I will soon. Quite the thing, getting one as a foreigner. It’s very involved.

Dabang’s Website
… is still coming soon. But this time I think it’s actually coming. Seong Hwan is calling the server people tomorrow to have them fix the bloody mess, as all the files are in the right place, but nothing points at that place when you type in Hopefully soon I can edit that and make it a real link.

Speaking of Links
… cutting and pasting links is a mindless job, but it’s done. Now if only I could control how the links sidebar appears on this page. Argh!

More Rambling About Life

Life in General
I was up late last night copying links for my sidebar. Ungh. Now I must go attempt to teach, and then it’s a lunch date with some old friends, writing up report cards (I had to peel your boy off the wall last week. Please feed him less sugar. or Your child is destined to become an evil genius. Whatever you do, do NOT let him start hanging out with Jedi Knights. If he does, it’s all gonna be downhill from there.), marking notebooks, and then going home for a quick bite and meeting my friend Young Ja, who will help me buy a discount-model cell phone, which I’ve discovered is a near-necessity to my life here.
I hope I can get the links stuff done tonight, but I’d also like to add another 3 or 4 pages to my novel. Ah, where does all the time go?
Things up North. Ummmmmmmmmmm. Not necessary.

My Korean Studies

Studying Korean.
It’s hard.
But fun, at least. Yes, really.
These days, I am working on things like:
– being able to say things in the imperative, like “Stop the car over there please,” or “Give me a phone card, please,” or “You have a nice day, now, y’hear?”
– being able to do negations with the greatest of ease in all forms of address, from the most informal to the most formal. There are lots of ways to do this. Too many. Imagine in English being able to say, “Don’t do that!” or “Do that don’t!” or “Not do!” Except it has to do with levels of formality, I think. Anyway…
– being able to make if-then and other conditional/hypothetical statements, like, “If you build it, they will come.”
The thing I need more of is practice speaking with real people. I spend a lot of time with books, not enough with flesh-and-blood Korean-speakers. Hm. What to do? Swimming was a good time for working on my listening, but now that’s out for a while. Ah well, I’ll sort it out.