Today I’m creating the new page for my blog. For now it’ll be hosted at Blogspot, until I have a webspace of my own. I guess this is worth the practice, so I’ll try a few things here first.

My Bio

I was born on March 4, 1974 in Blantyre, Malawi to Ghislaine Pineault, a French-Canadian, and Gordon Kinlay Sellar. To avoid confusion, my parents gave me the middle name Alexander, but kept the rest the same as my father at his father’s insistence. That makes me the 3rd Gordon in a row. But I much prefer to be called Gord. It’s also a lot easier for Koreans to pronounce (as “Go-duh”), which is helpful to me these days.

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Seoul, November 15-16 2002

I wrote this piece for a foreigners’ writing contest in December, but forgot
to submit it. However, I like it enough to put it up here. While it’s ostensibly about what happened
when my girlfriend went overseas, it’s really also about what Seoul is like for me, as a foreigner who is
far more used to living in what in Korea is generally considered “the country.”

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Top Ten Lists

Top Ten lists are, as everyone who saw High Fidelity knows all too
well, one of the great and ancient hallmarks of a music geek’s thinking.
But I normally don’t engage in that. In fact, I’m usually far too haphazard
about things. However, I have on occasion been asked to formulate a
couple of lists for people who wanted to get into new jazz or explore
things that they wouldn’t know to look into unless someone told them
about it. I wrote this for a couple of people over on The
Culture Mailing List
. I know it’s cheating to make a top ten MP3
disc list, but it’s much too hard for me to compile a list of jazz worth
having unless it’s a long list!

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Hamlet’s age, mirror neurons, immersive realism, and imagination

Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 09:58:46 -0400
To: (deleted)
From: Gord Sellar
Subject: Hamlet’s age, mirror neurons, immersive realism, and imagination
CC: (deleted)
BCC: (deleted)
Hey. I know, I know, this is long . . . Some of you might remember me asking you a question about Hamlet’s age. Others of you are having this inflicted on your for the purpose of farming out the ideas in the end of the thing, and hopefully eliciting responses. I have the answer to the Hamlet question, now, so I thought I would share what I found. But a much more difficult door is now open for me to think my way through. It led me back to mirror neurons. [Yes, Michele, this is the article I mentioned to you regarding autism, by the way; oh, and Vera, yes, this is the article I mentioned regard your comments elsewhere on the gestural communication of octopi.]

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