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An Evolutionary Myth by Bo-Young Kim

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I’m very happy to announce that a translation of Boyoung Kim’s “An Evolutionary Myth,” — co-translated by yours truly and Jihyun Park — has just been published in the current issue of Clarkesworld, issue #104 (May 2015), alongside a diverse selection of authors including Chinese author A Que, and the Finnish author Hannu Rajaniemi, as well the American authors James Van Pelt, Matthew Kressel, Andrea Pawley, and Ian Muneshwar.

As for Jihyun and myself, this is our first published co-translation, and we’re pleased as punch. Hopefully it is only the first of many…

The original story contained some footnotes that didn’t make it into the online publication, as well as some references that might be missed by Western readers. I figured I might as well write a few annotations about those, and some information about Boyoung, here, for those interested in the easter eggs they might have missed.

Note: the story notes contain what might be very mild spoilers, so you should probably read the story first before checking them out.

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