Some Links

One Good Turn: Eugie Foster is fighting lymphoma, and could use a hand, if you’re so inclined… she has some ebooks for sale, which will help her pay for her treatment. I picked up a couple, and figured I’d pass the word on while I’m at it. Literary: Ever been curious to check out Baudelaire? Don’t […]

In Times of Upheaval

Interesting details gleaned from Tania: Memories of a Lost World by Tania Alexander (daughter of the infamous Moura Budberg, about whom I have posted before, many times, all the way back to 2006, as part of a story I am once again about to begin revising, after finishing a draft in 2010): during World War […]

Mosquito Change?

By the way, the fact that there are still mosquitos flying around is what it is, but I’m wondering: has anyone noticed how different the mosquitoes of October are looking? They’re paler, and they have more prominent striping on their abdomens. I’m wondering if this is just a feature of Korean mosquitoes I never noticed […]

Chuseok Rain

Well, it rained like the flood was a-comin’ yesterday. Took me two hours to get somewhere not-that-far away, but along the way I saw some things that convinced me some people out there–especially those who live in basements–will not be having a very good Chuseok. (And I didn’t even think of the people traveling to […]