Looking Forward – #RPGaDay 2017, Day 31

Here we are, at the end of August, which was RPGaDay month. Yep, a month solid of RPG-related posts, answering these questions: Today’s question, the final question of the series, is this: What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018? Oh, well. I guess now it’s time to get down to logistics. 

Free RPG Day 2017

So, I’m running behind again, but I figured I’d write this up anyway. Free RPG Day 2017 happened a the weekend before last. A few of us made the trip of to Dice Latte in Seoul for the event. I didn’t take any pictures—I’m terrible at taking pictures of anything but the kid, these days—but I […]

Gamma Planet: Zooming in and Zooming Out

This is a continuation of my earlier post about the Gamma Planet game setting I’m slowly thinking over and building, in the hope of running a game sometime in the future. If you’re not interested in tabletop RPG setting design, this is one you might prefer to skip.

Gamma Planet: Planning a Playground

So, the tabletop RPG group I’m running? We play Lamentations of the Flame Princess, but as I’ve mentioned before, D&D isn’t the only game I’ve loved. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my oldest RPG loves was the postapocalyptic RPG Gamma World: Back in junior high school, I was rather unaware of the mess that this edition actually was, […]

“Beyond Mere Lotophagi” in Green Devil Face #6

So, I’ve been pretty busy lately—baby, work, game prep, life—but I figured I’d pop up in and mention that I just got my contributor’s copy of Green Devil Face #6, the recently restarted Lamentations of the Flame Princess zine. There’s a bunch of great stuff in it: a piece on diseases for the Early Modern historical setting […]