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My Korean Studies

Studying Korean.
It’s hard.
But fun, at least. Yes, really.
These days, I am working on things like:
– being able to say things in the imperative, like “Stop the car over there please,” or “Give me a phone card, please,” or “You have a nice day, now, y’hear?”
– being able to do negations with the greatest of ease in all forms of address, from the most informal to the most formal. There are lots of ways to do this. Too many. Imagine in English being able to say, “Don’t do that!” or “Do that don’t!” or “Not do!” Except it has to do with levels of formality, I think. Anyway…
– being able to make if-then and other conditional/hypothetical statements, like, “If you build it, they will come.”
The thing I need more of is practice speaking with real people. I spend a lot of time with books, not enough with flesh-and-blood Korean-speakers. Hm. What to do? Swimming was a good time for working on my listening, but now that’s out for a while. Ah well, I’ll sort it out.

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