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Back on Track

That’s how I feel right now. I have started swimming again, which is a blessing to my mind. I’ve been wearing some new clothes, which fit my new size. The weight seems to be peeling off again, now. My teaching is back on the “improving” slope, which makes for occasionally uncomfortable mistakes but usually is pretty good. I’m emailing people. I don’yt have a big fat project around my neck anymore, as most of the updating is finished on my website, except for integrating ESL materials. I met with John Wendel and talked shop about writerly craft, looking at his new and very wonderful story. The band did a few ood shows this weekend, too. I felt doldrums coming on which is one reason I’ve enthusiastically embraced not only swimming but also lifting weights and the regimen of situps and pushups I used to do in the morning.

Other than that, I have been thinking a lot but I’m not sure I can articulate all of it. Some of it is about depiction of characters’ self-awareness and how this essentially makes the 3rd person limited omniscient narrator an inherently unreliable narrator, to the degree that this narrator’s telling of the story is tinged by the focus character.

I’ve also been trying to solidify another rock song in my head, since we’re working Jeonju Jew up and it’s shorter than I had hoped. (I had ideas for an instrumental buildup section before the final chorus, but I think we need to work up the general structure first, before Myoung and I sit down together to work up something like that, which would break Myoung’s poor fingers. Though I do want something of that nature in the song eventually. Trying to figure out if Pangloss’s Apothecary or Live from Fulsom Street Prison is the waltz I’ve been working on mentally for a few months, very off and on. I’m not sure yet.

Not much else new. Lots of unsolicited comments yesterday about seeming to be more in shape. New shirt, less baggy than usual, I guess. Nice.

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