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Yes, that’s right, I finally have some big news. First and foremost, the Dabang website is up. You can go visit it: I am so pleased. On the site there are loads of pictures, links, media, and other stuff related to our band. I have just (a few minutes ago) added sample tracks to the CD info page. We will get to work on making a Korean version of the web page soon.

One reason I am happy about this is because of all the media attention Dabang’s been getting. We’ve been in 2 newspapers in the last two months (scanned images forthcoming), as well as having appeared on television once. If you want to see the show we were on, you can visit the online archive at the Jeonju Television (JTV) website. If you follow this link, you should see a screen containing dates and play buttons (as well as some garbled text if you don’t have Korean installed on your computer). The episode you want to watch is the 2003.3.12. The discussion of indie rock in Korea, and our band (and another Iksan band, the, ahem, “rapcore” group Starfish) is close to the beginning of the rather long clip.

And tonight we were interviewed for TV again, this time by a stunning young woman who introduced us playing guitar and who, er, rocked out with us, er, or something like that. (We played a 4 Non-Blondes song with her, that What’s Goin’ On? song). This time it was MBC… we thought it might be the national network, but I was told we’ll only appear on the local affiliate. I don’t know if that’s true or not (it wasn’t the crew that told me that, it was our bassist), but in any case it’ll appear in Jeonbuk province, and maybe elsewhere in Korea, on Friday 28.3.2003 at around 7pm.
Dabang will be playing a show at 7pm Sunday night in Jeonju at the Two Be One club.

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