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No Swimming In Seoul, But At Least The Coffee Is Good

I just discovered something somewhat retarded about the Seoul YMCA in Jongo, Seoul, which is that you can’t swim there without a monthly pass. I explained to the man (in what was, judging from his response, mostly comprehensible Korean) that I was in Seoul only for the weekend, and just wanted to practice, and was willing to pay the W5000 ($6 Canadian) to get access to the pool for one shot, but he said I couldn’t, that there was no way to go to the pool without a YMCA membership card (and my Iksan card is no good in Seoul either).

Ah well, nice try I guess. I am happy that I went on Friday, at least, but I wish I’d gone on Saturday morning like I’d planned. I am needing practice, and exercising helps with things like the cold I think I am starting to get.
Ah well, at least there are nice cafes to while away the Sunday, reading Camus and S¸skind and listening to the new Massive Attack CD and a very old Kenny Garret (no, not Kenny G, a much more talented alto sax player) CD called African Exchange Student. More on that stuff in the appropriate categories.
Tonight we’ll be playing a show in a club called SLUG.ers, or something like that. I don’t know when the plans are for us all to meet up, but I am feeling somewhat better now. All I need to remember to do is turn down the damned gain on the effects in my effects processor, so that I can have everything on the same level and not suffer from idiotic feedback when I switch from effect to effect.
And I am happy to report than Young Jun Kim’s music shop (which I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog as a good place) returned to me my soprano sax in wonderful working condition. It sounds better than it has in years. I am pleased.

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