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Shaved and Aching (Not What It Sounds Like)

Here’s the new stuff in my life…

1. After a few botches at the local hair shop I sometimes go to, I told the hair shop girl to just go ahead and shave off my hair, including my precious sideburns. (No worries, they’ll grow back.) So I’m now at 12mm of scalp hair. I like it. The kids in my classes told me I look like a crazy man, but the adults’ reviews have been a little more mixed, from “Oh, I liked it better the other way,” to “You look like very healthy man now!” So… anyway, it’s cooler and that’s important given the current weather conditions. It went about 30 degrees celcius today…

2. After a week out of the swimming pool due to a screwed up (I think broken) toe and a nasty flu, I am back into the groove of swimming. Well, sort of. The class has begun learning the butterfly stroke and damn me if it’s not horribly taxing. I practiced the part of it that I have learned so far for a little while today and I’ve had pain in my lower back since… awful, makes-me-walk-funny pain. Owch. I’m sleeping on the floor tonight and starting in again on my old lower back stretches learned in physiotherapy in Montreal in hopes of getting back to okay status. I was considering quitting my swimming class for the month before I move to Jeonju, but what the hell… now I am thinking that as long as my back is okay, I will continue. But I will need to do a lot of situps to firm up my gut and reduce the stress on my lower back, I guess. Needed to start in on that anyway, I suppose.

Sorry about the news about my hair, with no pic to accompany it. I’ll get one ASAP and scan it so you can see. There’s other news but it’s not really fit to print. So I’ll leave it at that.

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