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Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five question courtesy of William:

Heinlein’s Number of the Beast theorizes that all realities, even ours, come from someone else’s imagination. And therefore, if you could learn to travel across dimensions it would be possible to find the worlds where every story occurred. The more fully realized story (and the better the story-teller) the more fully realized the world.


What five fictional worlds would you like to visit once William perfects his inter-dimensional mini-van?

I think I answered a question like this once on a mailing list, but the answer’s gone and anyway, I’m sure I’ll answer it differently.

1. The world depicted by Fox news and other mainstream pop media. Because life would be so easy there.
2. The fantasy world of Hollywood (contiguous to this one) where good stuff finally does eventually happen to good people, and the jerks in the black hats get it in the end. And a geek can, by losing a few pounds and spicing up his wardrobe, find himself pursued by a slew of beautiful women.
3. Jules Verne’s Paris in the Twentieth Century so I could gather all the othr disaffected youth together and have a Paris revolt, kind of like we did in our real world.
4. Academia.
5. The Culture universe of Iain M. Banks’ famous creation. Very cool place to live and I think I could do fine unburderned by the horrid stuff that the Culturniks think gives life meaning to us lower creatures.

That’s it for now. Off to bed and tomorrow, I shall lose one of my teeth (we hope).

Oh, by the way, other F5 participants are: Melissa, Adam, Merideth, Will, Chris, Gina, Dave, Colleen, Craig, Adrienne, and Nanette.

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