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Weird North Korean Propaganda and Other Bizarre Stuff

At least, that’s what Cunninilingus in North Korea purports to be. It’s not porno, though, rest assured. More like propagandaesque text discoursing on intercourse and communism.

I have no idea what it really is, where it’s from, or anything. But there’s more from Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries here. Weird, all of it weird weird weird. Thanks Marvin for the heads-up.

By the way, for those of you who are incredulous, one of my female Korean acquaintances online said that the content of Cunninilingus in North Korea isn’t as crazy as it seemed at first, and it’s interesting, if confusing. (She doesn’t seem totally familiar with standard Communist rhetoric.) Interesting… and I do think there’s a kind of bourgeois sexual repression tied to sexual inequality, but… many foreigners seem to exaggerate the repression here. The young generation isn’t, I think I can say, as repressed as you may imagine. Just because somebody’s not willing to sleep with you (or me) doesn’t mean they’re not sleeping with someone. From the young people I know, I think kids are kids, people are people, and repression’s almost all about what’s said in public, not what’s actually done.

Not to say that things are, in North Korea, as it’s claimed in the flash thing, of course. I kind of doubt that…

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