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Hellboy’s here…

When I got to the office this afternoon, I found a package from America. Adam mailed me the prize I won in his contest for the crazy little story I wrote about what his third nemesis would be. I wanted to put links for all that stuff, but Blogspot is cacked up again as usual, so it’ll have to wait.

It’s a fine little book, the Hellboy RPG book that Adam sent me… if I can find some gamer geeks I shall have fun in the new year. Maybe that can be my English cafe activity: an RPG about psychic investigators working against secretly extant Nazi-based organizations in the 1990s? Uh… hm. I wonder if the English cafe kids could follow the backstory, let alone the plot. Hmmmmm.

Update! You can read the stories that won me Hellboy, and won Adrienne her Discworld game (as well as all the other contest entries), here. See also the original post announcing the contest.

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