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The Weekend

Well, the weekend was good, mostly.

Saturday we played a gig at Led Zeppelin, supporting Wounded Fly. For those of you who are not into the younger generation’s music, “supporting” means we were one of the “opening acts”. Wounded Fly is another Cavaret (Cabaret) band, meaning they’re tied to the same label we’re working with for our second album. We played mostly new songs and they went well… despite the sound board guy being in a trance half the time and not fixing any of the feedback problems. The hardest song for me was the new one, Delerium, because I play flute on it, and seeing as I only bought my flute a couple of weeks ago, I’m a little out of practice. But overall I think the show went well.

After our set, Thai (and Kathleen) and I took off in a taxi to Iksan, to try to get to Kimberley and Chai’s pre-wedding party. The party was a blast, it was so good to see so many people I’ve not seen in a while. Kimberley was beautiful in her hanbok, but stupid me, I didn’t take any pictures… I was too distracted by the social events. Chai tried to set me up with a girl, but… uh, um, I had to walk my friend John home, so she and I didn’t really talk.

I did have a really good talk with a couple of other people I’d met only briefly before, new teachers at the Wonkwang Language Center. Funny, Leslie (the wife component of a married couple at the school) is having the same experience I had at the YMCA: she’s a pink unicorn at the pool! Like my lusty ajumas, she has an ajeoshi who is obsessed with her (though the ajumas never obsessed, really).

Finally, we took a cab to Jeonju and I drifted off to sleep.

On Sunday I took a bus to Seoul, arrived at 3pm, and went to the recording studio. We’re recording sketches of all the songs we want to put on the album, and so this time around the recording process is a little more relaxed. I’m really enjoying working with the people at Cavaret, it’s a good experience. Sunday’s session was the last before holidays, so we won’t record again for 2 months… actually more like two and a half months! That’s a little scary. But as for me, my sax abilities might be rusty then, but I’ll be much better at flute, at least!

Today (Monday) and tomorrow I will finish off testing my students, punch the grades into the computer, and hand in my grade sheets. Then I am finished work until March! It’s a wonderful thing. But, I’d better get some lunch into me and hurry to school… I want to finish by tomorrow afternoon, as one of my old students from Iksan is coming over for dinner.

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