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Seoul, Again?

Yes. I am thinking I might as well just move up there next chance I get.

This time it was due to passports. I realized that, as of this morning, it was eight days until my departure for India, and I still hadn’t visited the Jeonju Immigration Office. Of course, I need my passport for that, and it was supposed to have been sent to me by now. But the travel agent goofed and didn’t send it. So I came to Seoul to get it.

After a quick stop to buy a travel guide to India—perhaps unnecessary but I feel better having one—I crossed town to go the the travel agency. I got my ticket but discovered a mistake… I was supposed to have a two-day-long stopover in Bangkok but Air India’s ticket deal was for a two-month ticket, and that made Bangkok impossible. Instead of changing both my departure date from India, and my departure from Bangkok, they simply moved my departure to the same day as my departure from India… so, no stopover in Bangkok. Well, I get an hour in the airport, but I won’t get to visit Lynn. Argh!

However, I did happen to meet a very nice young man from near Delhi who is studying the Korean language and Engineering in Korea. We exchanged phone numbers, and his is my cell phone. But then I promptly lost my pocket notebook, I think at the travel agency. Argh! Argh!

But then I met Sun Hwa and we had a great evening, chatting endlessly over coffee and dinner. So the day was very nice.

In other very nice news, I will be visiting Iksan on Friday, and when I do, Kimberley tells me, I shall be the proud and happy recipient of a lovely painting by my friend and the renowed artist Kimberly Hutchison. She’s won a contest in Japan, and has work hanging in Iksan city hall. Known as “That White Girl Who Paints In A Traditional Korean Style”, her works have been shown around Korea (I think) and soon one of them shall grace my humble abode’s walls.

Hoping also to hook up with Young Ja and Wendel when I get over there.

Things are acceleratingly busy as the departure date for India approaches. Is it silly to be a bit nervous? Must call my folks. Maybe now’s a good time. :)

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