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A Day Out

I spent the morning writing, and once again Sala, the woman who comes to clean every once in a while, interrupted my reverie in Neil’s past. So I wrote a little more, and decided to have a day out of the house. I’m still working on how to start showing one major element of the plot early on, so that it’s not just banging the reader on the head, and there are some obvious PLACES to do that, but not obvious methods. So I’m going to think that over, look around me here and see what I can find, and go with it. Tonight and tomorrow all day will be workign those things in, and then seeing how I can advance the story some more from the point where it’s at. Alonzo’s story I’ve almost all finished, my monk’s is well over half done, as is Jin Hee’s; Neil Yi’s, and how it ties up with Jin Hee’s, and the way that the monk’s and Alonzo’s stories tie up, are a little more complicated. The connections are there, as is the context, but the scenes are not clear in my head.

Ah well, it’s a lovely day and I have a good 5 hours of sunlight to enjoy before heading home. I’m not gonna spend them typing in this cold little Internet Station.

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