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These Days…

These days I find myself quite busy, surprisingly busy in fact, considering school has not begun yet.

I’m still working on getting that last twenty-odd pages for my novel written, but I think I may have to wait till Sunday to get that done. I’ve got band rehearsals every night now, because we have a gig Saturday and recording begins again next weekend (and after two months away from the saxophones, it means steady practice to regain some of my tone and my staying power).

I shall be making a trip to Seoul on Thursday, and then Friday is another rehearsal. Saturday we’ll play in the evening at Led Zeppelin. I also need to get my website account paid up again for the year, which is gonna be a little pricey, and I need to do it by early March. I also need to get Dabang’s website back up, which should be easier than I thought, since the guys are only asking for a plain front page with a logo, a small updates panel, and a sample list of rough tracks to show what we’re working on—the real webpage will take some work, though, and it’s gotta be done and up by the time the album’s release date arrives. That will probably take a day or two to get completely finished, but I’ll work on it in March, perhaps in part at the studio while waiting for my turn to play… we’ll see.

My clothes are all pretty loose on me now, which is a nice feeling. If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of me from when I was in Fatepur Sikri a few weeks ago. (Click on the image to get a bigger view. My apologies on the image quality, but I’m in a bit of a hurry today… the image will look better when it appears on my photoblog…)

I think I actually lost more weight after that, since I was sick for about 4 days more afterward. Anyway, that’s just one of many pictures I need to upload to my photoblog. I’ll see if I can get those uploaded on Saturday or Sunday morning.

As for the next month: my 30th birthday is coming up (grumble grumble); the band will be in studio pretty much every weekend; I’m gonna work on updating my own website and getting the dabang website ready for the album launch; I’m planning on diving into work on my in-progress collection of poems called Taiping, about the Taiping Rebellion in China; I’ll try to start swimming as well as running at the gym (we’ll see how far I get with that); I also want to start practicing saxophone everyday, or every couple of days, because now that we have a practice space that will actually be possible (and I’ll need to do it to recover my tone and sound decent on the album). Oh yeah, and then there is teaching classes. Hmmmm. So it’s going to be a busy month.

Eee. I almost forgot about emailing the guy in Seoul to get plane tickets to Canada. Well, I’ll wait until after today’s meeting to do that… once I know when the semester ends, and when camp is likely to begin, then I can do that more easily.

Now I have to go get the accounts switched over on my new cell phone. Which reminds me, I have a new cell phone. I’m trying to message people with the thing so that everyone knows my new number, but it’s slow going. If you want my new number but don’t have it, please email me and I’ll tell you.

Gotta go get my day started.

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