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We played that benefit concert tonight. In general, things went very well. When we accompanied HongJae in his “performance art” piece, the music sounded really cool; while I noodled on Nepali flute and make my Tibetan singing bowl sing, Myoung and Thai played percussion(Thai on his Uzbek drum and some Nepali cymbals of Myoung’s, and Myoung Jae on his Janggu drum), John Wendel played my tanpura (and did an excellent job on it, making it far more interesting than anything I would have done on the thing), and a fellow named Tae Sang played the guitar.

Our band’s playing was, I think, very tight. I know that I was very happy with my own playing, at least until the last, unexpected song. See, ballads don’t belong in a set list following songs that require me to screech or howl on the sax. Screeching, squeaking, and squawking all cause a reed to, well, to get “blown out”, meaning the reed softens and making it vibrate properly on very low or high notes is more difficult. Still, even Mars sounded good, I think.

I must have played well, I figure, because there was not just one but two pretty girls hanging about striking up conversations with me after the gig, or acting all friendly and interested. (One of them asked for my phone number… wanting flute lessons, she said. Uh huh…) I was already exhausted, having been up till 6:30am the night previous, but it was so funny to me that I suddenly didn’t feel tired. Winner for the most uncouth commentator on this situation: Shawn, who said, “You need to get with ____, she’s smart and nice and reads and she’s got a great ass.” Ah, the eloquent man he is. (Yes, I left out her name on purpose.)

I’m awfully tired. I think it’s way past my bedtime again. Oh man, and I start teaching on Tuesday…

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