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Empty Bottle Man

I’ve peered over there a few times before, and been impressed, but been to lazy to blog this site before. But today, when I had a look, I was pleasantly surprised. Someone else who feels how I do about people here,

to be honest, the vast majority of waeguk-in (foreigners) I meet in Korea are damaged, ranting weirdos, with whom I’m happy to have minimal interaction.

and yet engages with the place deeply enough to actually have intelligent, interestng things to say about Korea.

You should go check out now. I mean, while you’re killing time looking at my silly blog.

I’m off to go put away the real bacon and real cheddar cheese I got at OK Bakery. It’s funny what you get excited about a few years out of your home country… ah, cheese. Bacon. They have burrito kits too. I gotta be careful. I think it was more as a reminder to myself that I told the ajuma I wouldn’t often come back, because I’d lost 40 kilos and become thin and handsom(er) living off Korean food for two years. Don’t wanna slip into old habits. Except cycling, that’s a good old habit I’ve taken up again. Ooops. I didn’t mean to blab about this here. But I have. Too late. I’m not deleting it. So there.

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