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More April Foolery

Gord: “Hey Dad, what time is it there?”
Dad: “Uh, 4:30am.”
Gord: “Oh, damn, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Dad: “It’s okay. What’s up?”
Gord: “Well… I don’t know how to say this… uh, I’m going to just come out and say it. I guess.”
Dad: “What?”
Gord: “You know how Marie’s pregnant? And you thought Marie was gonna give you your first grandchild?”
Dad: “Yeah.”
Gord: “Well… wrong.”
Dad: “What?”
Gord: “Um… she’s not the first. It’s me.”
Dad: (serious tone)”When?”
Gord: “Um… last week. I didn’t know.”
Dad: “I see.”
Gord: “I don’t know what I’m going to do, though, because… there’s another one.”
Dad: “Another what?”
Gord: “Another baby.”
Dad: “How?”
Gord: “Different girl.”
Dad: “When?”
Gord: “Couple of months from now.”
Dad: “Mmm.”
Gord: “Hey Dad… what day is today?”
Dad: “Um… it’s April 2nd.”
Gord: “Are you sure?”
Dad: “No, wait, it’s the first…”
Gord: (evil laughter)
Dad: “Damn.” (laughter) “You got me.”
Gord: “Happy April Fool’s Day, Dad.”
Dad: “Right. I have some questions about your plane ticket…”

The rest of the conversation wasn’t that interesting… not enough to post. But, I did get him, and good. Unfortunately, he warned my Mom, so when I tried to pull the same stunt on her, she already knew what was coming. Ah well… I’ll go try my sisters if one of them is online…

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