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Two April Fool’s SMS Conversations

Some of this is translated from Korean.

My sorta-ex-girlfriend messaged me first:

“Gord! Guess what! I’m going abroad in one month!”
“Yeah. I will go to Australia.”
“How long?”
“Maybe one year, or two. And Gord… I miss you. T.T” [T.T is a sad face—tears streaming down from eyes on either side of a little closed mouth]
“Ah! That’s great! It’s good for you!”
“But don’t you miss me?”
(Awkwardly, somewhat obviously saying a white lie to spare her feelings:) “Um… uh… a little, I guess.”
“Gord, I’m disappointed with you. Do you know what day it is today?”
“Huh? Oh… Damn! It’s April 1st! You lied to me?”
“Damn! So you’re not going abroad?”
“And you don’t miss me, either?”
“Shut up! Hahahaha.”

Ten minutes later, no kidding, another girl—a very cool one I met not long ago—messaged me saying,

“Gord, I’ve finally decided today that I’ll immigrate to Canada.”
“Really? Me too!” I replied. This time, I saw the prank coming. Haha, because I am a clever one.
“Um… are you sure?”
“Are you?” I reply, a grin on my face. Myoung Jae and Gordon Williams and I are eating lunch at the Professor’s Cafeteria and Myoung grins at me craftily, guessing it’s another April Fool’s joke but that I won’t be fooled this time.
“Oh, it’s just… T.T”
[in Korean:] “Today is April 1st… GOTCHA!”
“Ah, damn, you got me alright.”

I had to call her up to see if she was also joking. She was.

I shall spend the rest of the day feeling rather clever.

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