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Arbor Day

Life seems still to be all lotus blossoms springing from my every footstep.

Our conversation was long, we laughed a great deal, and we understand one another; honesty, we dare even honesty. She asked me, out of the blue, the one question I didn’t expect, and which I was a little nervous to bring up myself at this point (though I would have eventually). And I answered her honestly, and she understood. Even that.

“It’s a nice,” to use the words of my friend John Wendel. I’m not gonna go on and on about details here, but I will say, it’s a nice to have hooked up with someone so absolutely remarkable, and so unexpected in my life at this point.

Now, I listen to the Flaming Lips (some compilation I’ve downloaded), and write a little more, and then I shall sleep. Happily.

PS: Bulgogi nakshi jeongeol… ah, what wonderful food.

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