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Working on the novel again

Yep, I’m finally trying to finish the draft so I can finally, eventually, get to editing the damned thing and sending it out. However, I just realized that one of the plots I was using as background, really, honestly, ought to be foregrounded. It’s almost all centered on one character, who is peripheral to a lot of the real action; a Chinese (? or perhaps Indian, or even Croatian, I’m not sure… he needs some more development in my imagination before I write anything about him) bounty hunter who is hunting a group of Kurdish guerrillas (ie. terrorists), specifically one man who is the link between the terrorist group and their suppliers/backers… the identity of which is a big surprise in the story.

This will probably entail adding another fifty pages to the story, but I have a feeling I’ll be cutting chunks out later, so it’s okay. It’ll add enough to the story to be well worth it.

Anyway, I finished a draft of an interview with a Islamic feminist theorist, and it came out better than I planned, for a draft. I’ll finish the other two useful news reports in the novel tonight, and then start in drafting the bounty hunter plot. That should be done by the end of the week, thank goodness, so I can turn back to my Taiping poems, and also get this poem and speech for my sister’s wedding done. I’ll try finish the poem tonight, in fact, as Annie is eager to see it.

Gotta go, class in a bit and I need to visit the little professor’s room.

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