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What People Never See

I managed to photograph the thing people never see when they look at us. shadows.jpg
As I once said to Lime, being a white man in Korea is sometimes like being a black man in America fifty years ago, except it pays better. And people are much more polite about it, I should add. I’m not sure how much she’s noticed the funny glares, though when I mention them she says she doesn’t care. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m kind of used to being an “outsider”, and I’m happier with misfits anyway. I never fit in back in Canada, not the way regular people do… so why should I seek it here? Still, this picture, to me, captures something of an essence that people who only look at the surface of us never see.

It captures a lot, to me, by the details that it leaves out. (This is, by the way, a powerful writing technique as well.) But you know, I’m in the picture, and I know the context, so I know not only what’s implied, but also what’s left out and necessary to reading it. Still, it’s a cool pic and one of the funniest “couple” shots I’ve ever seen.

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