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Schild’s Ladder

I just finished reading Schild’s Ladder, by Greg Egan. What a wonderful, strange novel. It’s philosophical, inventive beyond anything I’ve read in years, and powerful, as well as stuffed full not only of enough advanced science to make my head hurt, but also characters so interesting, believable, and engaging that I savoured every minute I spent reading the book… though, for the sake of my poor brain I had to put it down rather often. It’s a wonderful book full of so many cool science-fictional ideas, and it goes so far beyond space opera that I think it warrants a new genre title altogether. I’d write so much more if my finger wasn’t getting in the way…

I also found an article by Egan on the appaling way that the Australian government treats refugees seeking asylum on Australian soil. Worth a read. Nice to see a science-fiction writer with a social conscience, something we so rarely find in the American branch of the contigent, who seem all to caught up crusading over their own petty ideologies.

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