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Morning Music

So I’m listening to the soundtrack from Black Cat White Cat, a film by Emir Kusturica, a wonderful director. I really need to find his DVDs and buy them. Or something.

Anyway, the lyrics to this one song are hilarious… or is it the delivery? I love the way the singer apologizes for the quality of his English, and then starts proclaiming, “All we need is a long wehicule, a long wehicule, a long wehicule, to go!” He means vehicle, but you know, accents and all. It’s hilarious and wonderful. Druggie gangsters, gypsy love (with a stunning gypsy girl of course), a tragic death, and of course a forced wedding ceremony.

My clearest memories of the movie, viewed one drunken night at Jack’s, involve a gangster snorting cocaine in the back of his car with a couple of hookers in the opening scene, and of course the forced wedding, which is as funny in this film as in any Serbian film I’ve seen. (They all seem to have one of these, after all.) I’m surprised to see a negative review as the first one shown on the IMDB, but if you look at a lot of the reviews, many of them rate it as highly as I would. This film is a wonderful one! Hilarious, mad, literally crazy. I wish I could get it with Korean subtitles.

Today I’m off to meet Lime at the front gate of her Uni. From there we’ll walk over to Thai’s where the drummer and his Tamer have organized some kind of barbecue party.

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