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Oh Horror of Horrors!!!

The bank machine that ate my card automatically destroyed it.

So I called my bank in Seoul. The English call-center was closed, because it was after 5pm local time.

So I called the general call center. When I asked if anyone present could speak English, I was told no. I proceeded to try to explain.

I was hung up on.

I am *so* changing banks when I get home. But for now, we’ll see if they’ll FedEx me a new card tonight. It’s possible, I suppose. I doubt it, but it is possible. At least I got some money from the machine before it ate the card. Argh!

In nicer news, Lime was nice enough to get my bankbook from my home and email me the account number (which I guess I should have written in my notebook, except I was too scatterbrained to think of it). She has an exam starting on Thursday morning and I know it was a huge favour to ask. She’s rock’n’roll, that girl of mine. And she did remind me to look on the bright side—that this happened near the end of my trip, thank goodness, and that I got some money out from the transaction, thank goodness.

But I’m still gonna stay in most of today, and amuse myself with Marvin and Keisha’s comic books while waiting till I can call the bank and ask them to nicely send me a new card. Which would only arrive Thursday, I imagine… hardly seems worth it. But I’ll try.

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