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Trip and Craziness

Well, let’s see if I can summarize my trip so far:

Well, that’s about it. I’ll update as to whether the bank gives me back my card or not, as soon as I find out what’s gonna happen. *shrug* Nothing more I can do till then.

The lesson I’ve learned, by the way, is this: ALWAYS book your plane ticket for the day after payday, so you can go and get some travelers’ checks. Of course, I would have done that this time if I could have, but it would have meant arriving in Canada, jetlagged, the day before my sister’s wedding. But in future, I will ALWAYS have some travelers’ checks shoved into my bag somewhere, in case… if not (preferably) the full funds of my vacation budget. Dealing with the vagaries of bank machines working across international lines is not on my list of fun ways to spend a vacation.

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