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blog probs

I filled up my webspace with pics from my digital camera which I was saving for myself while on holiday.

Turned out the space got so full some of the tables in my database were damaged, and my blog went wonky for a while. It should be okay now, except that the kind of damage caused means I need to re-import everything, from entries to all of my damnable little templates. So it might be a while before my format is fully restored. I’m almost thinking of re-doing my templates and stylesheets, but… I can’t be arsed for now.

*** Update: well, it’s been about an hour, and it looks like everything is working again. I happily discovered:

But for now, I have to re-import my image blog and my Korean blog. I also think that I’m going to prioritize posting images from my two last international trips (to India, and to Canada/Texas) above the task of redoing the layout. Some people have been waiting months to see these pics, and I have been waiting months to post them… Hopefully by the end of the week they should all be up.

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