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Photoblog Updated (Finally.)

Well, finally, I’ve got all the pics from my last two big trips up. Everything I’m planning to post from both my trip to India last winter, and my trip to North America this summer, is up for your browsing pleasure. The only things I might add are a couple of animated gifs of Koko on a swing, and Marvin kicking a tree, if I can figure how to author such animated gifs using a sequence of .JPG files. I know it’s doable, I just need to figure out how. But before that, I want to do some other things, so it’ll be a while. (Probably a month.) And yes, I know the format is wonky. But if you just click on the pics on every page but the main page, you can see the original itself. No weird distortions! Make it work for now, okay?

Anyway, the content of my photoblog has just jumped up from 160 pics to a total of
625. Go have a look.

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