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On the eve of 1000

That’s right, this is post #1000 here at eclexys. I’m just posting a little link because I really must get to bed soon. I spent all evening editing the letter to the editor which you can see in the previous post, and tomorrow morning Lime and I leave for our (short) trip to SongGwangSa, a Buddhist Temple down near Suncheon. Once I get back, I’ll be working camp and trying to get an essay for an essay-writing contest finished, so I may not post much for a week or two.

But hey: I’ve reached post #1000! That’s something, eh?

UPDATE: I also forgot to mention another little bit of information! Last night the band was practicing, and which song did we work up? My baby, called Bodhi-Dharma’s Work Song. It’s a song about the mythical Buddhist evangelist, known in Korea as Dalma-daesa. Kevin Kim’s written extensively on Bodhidharma, so I’ll provide a link a page in his archives with several posts about the old monk, but you’ll have to search through the page using words like “Bodhi” and “Dalma” because it’s scattered between all kinds of other things. Anyway, my song is sort of a “negro slave chant” mixed into a rock song. By the end, we’re all singing, and sax doesn’t feature very prominently aside from a very short solo, which is how I intended the song anyway. I’m pretty pleased.

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