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Oh, Wouldn’t It Be Nice…?

In this week’s Friday Five, Laura picked out another big Green Booger, and on it was written the following question:

I think the greatest tragedy of the world is that dragons don’t exist. What are the five things you really wish were true – and do you believe in them?

Ah, there are so many answers to this that I have in my mind. I’ve been talking about it, actually, lately, as it comes up in political discussions and other chats around the camp, and so I have a few answers in mind.

Of course, on a more personal note: it’d be nice if I were as clever or well-read as people seem to tend to assume; it’d be nice if I were as rich as my students all guess I am; it’d be nice if I were as handsome in the mirror as I am in my own mind; and it’d be nice if, as so many Korean bus drivers seem to believe, the presence of rain actually negated awful, muggy, viciously hot weather and made air conditioners unnecessary. But these are, I think, less interesting gripes than the others above, since they’re just personal and not so very applicable to the world or general beliefs that matter much.

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