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Homophobe Nation: Just Like America!

I delight in telling Koreans about ways in which their nation is just like the nation they love to hate: America.

I thought Andi would be all over this, but she isn’t, and though I am sick as hell (and about to sleep) I am posting a link to an article on the front page of today’s Korea Herald, which claims that Korea is not ready for gay marriages. No big surprise, of course. Some of the other laws governing marriage are even more medieval than those in the West. But it was striking that two old lesbians having lived together for over 21 years, splitting up, even entered the court system. It was at least enough a part of real life according to Korean society that it could be argued in court.

But oh I shall delight in telling Koreans about how their favorite bad-guy country’s bad-guy political party has the same opinion, and is using it to distract people from the issue of the war in Iraq.

(Yes, I know some Democrats are opposed to gay marriage too… but it’s a Republican distraction as it stands right now.)

Now I need to go collapse, as I am home ill from camp. Ungh.

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