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Congratulations Marie and Troy

Email from my father that came in this morning:

From: Gordon K Sellar
To: gord alexander sellar
Subject: Hi Uncle Gord !!!
Date: 26 Aug 2004 21:08:03

Hi Big Guy,
Your nephew, Nathaniel Sellar Linsley, born 11.28 a,m today 7 lb.10 oz, Both Well but tired…more later tonight ,…drop us a line sometime….Love Mum and Dad

So I want to extend a huge congratulations to my sister Marie and her husband Troy. I’m relieved to know Marie’s okay—I know that because, I’m pretty certain, if she wasn’t it would have been mentioned in the email. Nathaniel is his name, huh? Very, very cool. I’ve got a great little present I need to send, too. Gaaaaaa. Sometime this month.

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