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My sister just sent some more pics of my new nephew! natey1.jpg

Isn’t he adorable? But I was trying to figure out which side of the family he resembles, and got nowhere except that dark, dark hair seems a Pineault thing (ie, my mom’s side of the family, unless some branch of Troy’s family also has that). It’s hard to see from a couple of photos, though.

He looks like a bright fellow, though, from this next pic:

When Lime saw these pics, she declared that she thought he looked a little Asian, which once again made me wonder how much Mohawk or Iroquois blood may have entered my mother’s family during their long stay in Quebec. I should think there is at least some, but it’s awfully hard to say how much. Why should I think of this at Lime’s comment? When I see certain Native Americans, I’m struck by how similar they look to some East Asians. Certain Cree people I’ve known look very Mongolian (and since Korea was settled by Mongol peoples, many Korean faces remind me of Cree faces).

As for me, I don’t see much of anything like that in Nathaniel’s face, but he does look very bright, very funny, and dreadfully cute. I don’t know how I am seeing that in a couple of photographs… though I have a growing suspicion that human beings are programmed to see whatever delights or brings joy to them in a baby’s face and expressions. It makes sense, as it would mean we’re more likely to help take good care of a new baby, which, you know, has obvious survival benefits for the local bit of the gene pool, meaning the trait would be selected for.

Uh, but yeah, anyway… theories aside, I wish I were around to play with him occasionally. Ah well, I shall have to do it during my next visit home.

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