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Oh, a hot night of… reading books together!

Yes, my honey came over and we sprawled on the floor, reading books together. Not the same book: she’s reading some kind of mystical adventure in Korean (퇴마록, it’s called, which I’d roughly translate as “The Exorcism Story” if you use the word exorcism in a more general sense than it has taken on since the advent of the Christian us of that word…the banishment of evil). It sounds fascinating, some kind of pitched battle between people all over the world and ancient forces of evil that they’re fighting to banish and overcome.

And me, I’m still reading the wonderfully dank, smelly, vulgar, dark, scatological novel Perdido Street Station by China Miéville. I’m not sure Lime would like this book much if she were to undertake the heroic task of reading it in English; unlike her, I don’t have a very vivid visual imagination. When I read about insect-headed women sculpting art with regurgitated paste from their head-stomachs, I just go, “Weird!” But she actually sees that kind of thing in her head, visually. I guess most people have a better visual imagination than me, but Lime’s is really quite amazing. Which means it’s easy to shock her; gory details really are gory to her.

Anyway, it was nice for the two of us to spend time in that way, sprawled together and just reading, digesting the nice (well, it was okay) Thai coconut-milk chicken curry I’d made for us. I know that for a number of people, that sounds like a perfectly geeky way to pass an evening. Well, we’re perfectly geeky who’s to criticize the happiness of geeks?

Unfortunately, it looks like she’s less of a geek than me when it comes to movies; Neither Antitrust nor Juon nor some Korean opera nor even Jack Nicholson’s classic potboiler Chinatown are very intriguing to her. Ah well, I suppose that’s why I download episodes of E.R. and that sitcom about medical interns, Scrubs.

But she’s still a geek, and my geek. And it looks like my geek is almost finished with the dishes… she’s taken to washing them whenever I do the cooking, it seems. And so I think she’ll want to watch E.R., and I’d best keep this entry short enough to finish now.

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