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Urethra Friend of Mine Or Not

Yes, after two bouts of tonsilitis and a few rounds in the ring with a swollen area surrounding that pesky wisdom tooth that is still (since sometime last year) pushing its way out, I thought the old Rider on the Horse of Pestilence would leave for greener pastures, but no… he just picked a new spot to, well, pick at.

So Lime and I got on a bus to Seoul Saturday morning. At the rest stop, about halfway there, I found that I really needed to pee. So I did. And it hurt.

The rest of the way up was a bit of a claustraphobic nightmare, as national-transit buses in Korea don’t have bathrooms. Well, when we got to Seoul, I ran straight for the bathroom, and then we found someone who could help. The docto asked me a lot of questions, and Lime translated, and then Lime asked her a bunch of questions too. Finally, after having ruled out a lot of stuff (no contact with eurethra and poo, no vast numbers of sexual partners), the doc decided to give me some meds to ease my pain and turn the condition back to normal, and advised me to go to a hospital in about a week to get checked out.

Having come to Seoul, we decided (after some deliberations) not to waste the day going straight back to Jeonju, and wandered around. I will post about a lot of that in a later post, because I got some really cool pics from our walk through Insadong. I didn’t take many pics at Deoksugung Palace either but one or two were pictures I’ve wanted to take for a long time, and I’m happy I caught them. Still, I want to save most of the story of the good part of this trip for later, but one thing I’ll mention now, I decided to jump ship in terms of my portable music hardware. I don’t yet know what I’ll do with my old USB-Minidisc player, but I am now using an , which is a stunning piece of equipment. This thing has more memory than my computer’s hard drive! (Which is a sad statement on my laptop, to be sure, but all the same, it’s impressive to me.) We got it at Yongsan Electronics Market, which is about the best place to buy electronics devices, and while we were there we picked up a few DVDs as well, on the cheap. But before I watch these I intend to watch at least a couple of my Indian DVDs, chosen with the help of Ritu.

But for now, in hope of re-strengthening my flagging immune system and general health, I am off to sleep.

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