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The Most SF Jazz I Know

Steve Coleman’s music is worth knowing about. It’s jazz of a kind, but jazz that somehow comes out like science-fiction, all angular and, well, not “funky” so much as, I don’t know. It’s like bebop that started freebasing funk music or something, or maybe got a medical shot of funk in the butt to inoculate it against David Sanborn and Bob Rivers. It’s best when you start out, to forget the sometimes-incomprehensible (but to me enjoyable) manifestoism of the M-Base and all of that, and just check out the music, when you can get your hands on it. My favorite album so far as been Tao of a Mad Phat. But you see, I haven’t had a chance to check out a lot of his albums. They’re not widely available, and a lot of the older discs are, I think, out of print. Well, I haven’t been able to check them out till now.

But on his site he has whole albums up for download. Now you can get your hands on it. I recommend him, especially Tao of a Mad Phat, and while you’re at it why not read his rather inspiring essay on why he distributes his music online for free.

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