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My Sister with My Nephew

Here’s a picture of my sister Annie with her our my nephew Nathaniel. Isn’t he adorable? Isn’t she lucky?

Why is she lucky? Well, you know, I am lucky too. Living in Asia can be a headache sometimes but it can also be fascinating, fun, fantastic, in addition to the other F-words I use on other days. Health care is cheap (in Korea anyway) and if I were in better health my wisdom tooth would be out right now, for maybe the price of a few beers with friends.

But the hard bit is being so far from so many people you were close to only a few years ago. The hard part is being so far away, and not getting to pick up your beautiful little nephew, having to wait till it’s your turn.

Ah well, but that is how it is. It is almost time for a call home, though. Maybe tomorrow, as it would be nice to holler at the sister pictured above. I haven’t completely forgotten her birthday, after all.

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