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Thinking Back

Laura‘s short Friday Five question for the week is this:

“There was a light and then someone hit me…” What are your five earliest memories?

This is really a difficult question for me. I don’t remember so much from my early childhood, so I’m going to have to think hard to answer this. Excuse that smoke smell, it’s my brain scalding.

There are other memories, more from the trailer park, but they’re less nice than this: things involving being very sick and crapping my pants, or bullies calling me Professor (or on one occasion, I think on Valentine’s Day, force-feeding me old, dried dog crap and claiming it was chocolate). Other memories of this time I’ve written about before. I have vivid memory of a toybox, an old sandbox, and of my grandfather and the toy he gave me when he came to visit. I recall a huge crocheted giraffe my mother made for me, which I hauled around as if it were my sole guardian and representative. Thinking through all these memories, I find that the earliest memories in one’s life are quite simple, quite selfish: they almost all have to do with me. Oh, here comes another one: the day my baby sister (Annie, featured in one of the memories above) came home from the hospital.

The thing is, I don’t remember Annie per se; what I remember is the feeling of jealousy as this new whining noisy thing took all the attention that my sister Marie and I were used to getting all to ourselves. My favorite toys and play-places; my friends and my mistakes. Memory is a strange thing, but the memories of a child are stranger still, especially when one looks back into them as an adult.

If you’d like to look into others’ childhood memories, check out the drop-down list under the friday fivers header in the right sidebar. It’ll fill out through the day (and perhaps the coming week), as more people post their responses.

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