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The Lesson I Learned Today…

I posted some things in anger and frustration this week. Those of you who saw them, saw a side of me not everyone gets to see. But parts of the posts were unfair, and even stooped to the level of an-eye-for-an-eye. So I removed them from my website and decided to talk to a couple of people and get a reality check.

After the reality check, I decided I knew more clearly where I stood, and decided that with one person, I could work things out, while the other person was not worth my time and my energy.

How did I make the decision?

The three points I based it upon were this:

The lesson of the day is that with some people, resolving one’s differences is worth it; but with others, the best thing one can do is simply be cognizant that trying to do so will be a worthless exercise, and the best one can do is be on one’s guard and ready to catch out the lie, draw the line, and force proper behaviour out of the discordant… for surely, if one is honest and known to be willing to try resolve differences, people will know this and recognize when a line has been well and truly crossed.

It’s sad, though, how childish and troublemaking some people can be. Seems that the childish view of it being alright to do nasty things, as long as one isn’t caught, survives to adulthood in some people. It’s a highly Republican trait, I find. Maybe a Democrat trait too, but I find it more often in the behaviour of Republicans. Hmmm.

And that is truly a sad, small, pathetic thing to behold. Luckily, it’s easy to rise above that sort of thing, and there is often help just waiting to be found.

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